Branch Repeater

Service-Centric WAN Optimization


Citrix Branch Repeater accelerates, controls and optimizes services—desktops, applications and multimedia —for branch and mobile users. Branch Repeater, powered by SmartAcceleration and user-centric prioritization of XenDesktop, Branch Repeater evolves network-centric WAN optimization into a service-centric solution. With granular visibility, enhanced prioritization and control of service traffic, SmartAcceleration ensures brilliant quality of experience (QoE) and availability while reducing bandwidth consumption and simplifying branch IT.

Comprising Branch Repeater, Branch Repeater with Windows Server, Repeater, Branch Repeater VPX and Repeater Plug-in for Citrix Receiver, this Branch Repeater product family addresses an array of enterprise acceleration needs. The AutoOptimizer engine that serves as the cornerstone of Branch Repeater architecture offers flexible deployment options the Repeater Plug-in for Citrix Receiver accelerates service delivery to remote and mobile users, while the appliances support users in branch offices.

A Simpler, Smarter Approach to WAN Optimization

Citrix offers a truly network-transparent WAN optimization solution that doesn’t rely on disruptive tunneling techniques. This means that your network monitoring tools, firewalls and applications don’t need any reconfiguration or modification when Branch Repeater is deployed. It just works. Branch Repeater appliances are auto-discovered, auto-configured and auto-tuned—all in a few minutes—without disturbing your current infrastructure. The AutoOptimizer engine automatically applies the right mix of WAN acceleration techniques based on network conditions, data flows and application mix, and dynamically tunes the system as these variables change, ensuring optimal WAN performance at all times.

How Branch Repeater Helps your Business

Accelerates All Services


Citrix Branch Repeater accelerates, controls and optimizes all services—desktops, applications and multimedia—delivered to branch and mobile users. The integrated AutoOptimizer engine dynamically applies the best combination of network performance-boosting techniques to each data flow depending on application, data and network conditions.
Smart Acceleration and user-centric XenDesktop prioritization deliver brilliant quality of experience (QoE) and availability across the organization to reduce the consumption and cost of bandwidth—and help you lower service delivery TCO.

Optimizes Any Network


Branch Repeater offers a fully transparent, end-to-end and service-centric WAN optimization solution for any network with no need for significant changes to current network management tools, firewalls, network services or applications.

Simplifies Branch IT


The integrated Branch Repeater appliance reduces server footprint in the branch and helps IT remotely manage branch infrastructure. Branch Repeater also improves IT agility with flexible deployment options offered by physical and virtual appliances.

Get More Out Of Xendesktop And Xenapp


Citrix Branch Repeater, with HDX WAN optimization technology, provides groundbreaking multi-user optimization for virtual desktops and applications delivered by Citrix XenDesktop and Citrix XenApp. HDX technologies speed launch times by 37 percent, reduce the bandwidth required per desktop by up to 89 percent and support up to four times more XenDesktop or XenApp users per branch without the need for additional bandwidth. Branch Repeater accelerates the ROI associated with desktop centralization and application virtualization without compromising the high-definition experience users expect. To help you get even more out of XenDesktop, Citrix Branch Repeater VPX virtual appliance licenses are now included with XenDesktop Platinum.

How Branch Repeater Works


Citrix Branch Repeater products include Branch Repeater appliances for branch offices, Repeater appliances for datacenters, Branch Repeater VPX software-based virtual appliances for the branch and the datacenter, and Repeater Plug-in for Citrix Receiver. A key component of Citrix HDX, the Branch Repeater product family completes the service-centric Citrix WAN optimization solution that accelerates, controls and optimizes all services from the datacenter to branch and mobile users, including XenDesktop, XenApp and multimedia. Powered by SmartAcceleration technology, Branch Repeater includes features such as service assessment, classification and reporting and traffic prioritization and control. A central licensing server and a single management console aid deployment and management.