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Reflective Essay on Empowering Healthcare Professionals

Reflective Essay on Empowering Healthcare Professionals

This reflective account will explore a lecture which has changed my perception because the start of the nursing programme. I’ve chosen Gibbs (1998) reflective style to explore what I’ve discovered, what my thoughts were before the lecture and changes. Accordingly, to demonstrate a knowledge of my learning result. I would as well be covering how it has helped me to build up an understanding on how to proceed during my practical placement.

The NMC code 2015 outlined standards and primary ideals nurses must follow, therefore, our lectures targeted around these to empower health care professionals to adapt how to find molar mass of a compound to and deliver a quality service. The lecture I would be exploring emphasised on dignity, need for dignity and how to encourage it. On an individual consideration, I thought I experienced a broad understanding of how exactly to promote patient’s dignity. Even so, after three hours of lesson about them, I have realized that there surely is a lot more to it. Dignity is definitely a broad topic when properly studied. Dignity is a powerful tool that can determine someone’s life and romantic relationship with others suggested by Hinks, D. 2013. The poem ‘what do you see?’ RCN, 2017, demonstrates the energy of dignity. The poem represents a woman who is beseeching to be observed for who she actually is, not ‘an old girl’ but somebody who had lived a complete life with emotions and emotions reinforcing the value of featuring person centred treatment (RCN,2017).

My feelings through the entire lesson changed considerably, departing me to desire more of the lesson. Matti and Baillie (2011) proposed dignity as our innate benefit, merit and well worth as human beings. To the end, the lecturer emphasized on respect rendering it clear that respecting people and making them think worth is not just about caring for them, rather, it takes into consideration the whole process of how exactly we approach and visually demonstrating dignity to the sufferers. I came across that the NMC code (2015), stressed that as nurses, we’ve a duty of attention to reach out for the physical, emotional, psychological, public and spiritual desires of our patients. So, provide a holistic care by taking into consideration the average person as a whole. Hence, we have to prioritize patients’ care and attention and dedicate period to them by preserving and promoting dignity through powerful communication and supportive human relationships. Emphasizing on these, it integrated within me a sense of awkwardness and also to realise how significant it is for me as a person to come to be valued. Following a Poem ”What carry out you see? (RCN, 2017) I understood how clients are treated inhumanely. I felt enjoy it is more threatening to ignore patient’s emotion as this might have a huge effect on their personality It produced me apprehended that, as a student nurse my responsibility is normally to work as portion of a safeguarding staff to raise concerns when I run into things that endanger individuals’ worth and value based on the MUNICIPALITY Association (2012). I came across social care Act 2012 and CQC (2016) reinforcing on the hyperlink between dignity, quality and safeguarding indicating that the nurses, however, were not promoting dignity and therefore do not portray a top quality service so safeguarding will probably decrease.

The lecturer, likewise, underpinned the importance of personal overall look which connects to the idea of dignity because of the way uniform makes nurses experience and behave and how descriptive speech their appearance has an impact on people supported by Chochinov’s (2007) ABCD Framework (attitude, behaviour, compassion and dialogue) which reinforces important things nurses have to be alert to when delivering care.

Subsequently, this lesson seemed to pose more issues. I felt remarkably challenged to concern and evaluate on the sort of staff I might become. I was challenged to think differently following Chochinov’s (2007) self-awareness software which got me thinking about if I would be able to provide a quality service to my clients while trying to market dignity and what problems I would face when working with safeguarding issues. Nevertheless, after reflecting on myself and looking at my attitude, behaviour, how I display empathy and compassion through communication, I felt comfortable to go out there and also to demonstrate what I’ve learned with patients. I now feel just like I am qualified enough to totally and independently care for a person thus building a supportive romantic relationship with them (Chochinov’s 2007). Furthermore, this lecture helped me to grasp the impression we as nurses can possess on a patient as a person.

In bottom line, dignity is how persons feel, believe and behave in relation to their worth or value. To treat someone with dignity is to show them as being worth and valued in a manner that is definitely exalt their diversity. Dignity may be endorsed or lowered by the physical setting, structural principles, methods and carry out of others. When dignity is present, people feel in charge, relaxed and in a position to produce decisions for themselves, whereas when it is absent persons feel devalued and absence control. Therefore, in my placement, I would do all of the necessary what to ensure the value and worthy of of my patients, so considering an approachable approach to conversation and rapport by producing them feel at ease. Also, using person-centred care and empathy (RCN 2016).


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