Cloud Connector

Extend Your Datacenter With a Global Presence

NetScaler CloudConnector seamlessly extends the NetScaler footprint from the datacenter to point-of-presence around the world, creating a true end-to-end service delivery fabric. NetScaler CloudConnector is offered in conjunction with key partners as hybrid networking services. The fabric knitted between on-premise NetScaler devices and off-premise cloud-based services enables NetScaler CloudConnector to apply application acceleration, security and availability techniques that a datacenter appliance or a managed service can’t provide by themselves.


Netscaler Cloudconnector Helps IT and Users


  • Provide faster mobile and web applications, even those with dynamically generated content that usually don’t benefit from the use of a managed service like a content delivery network (CDN).
  • Accelerate SaaS applications for employees seamlessly and transparently to the SaaS provider itself to give enterprise IT more direct control over the SLAs they have committed to their users.
  • Reduce IT costs by dramatically reducing the volume of network traffic leaving the enterprise datacenter to cut recurring networking costs. By leveraging the existing NetScaler ADC footprint, NetScaler CloudConnector minimizes the need to install special purpose gear or consume additional datacenter footprint.
  • Preserve data encryption all the way back to the datacenter, without impacting acceleration. The presence of NetScaler at the Internet edge can also be leveraged to enhance security all the way through the critical delivery path.

End-to-End Acceleration, Encryption and Management


NetScaler CloudConnector for CDN – offered in conjunction with Cotendo, a leading provider of next-generation cloud acceleration services – provides end-to-end acceleration and optimization for mobile, web and SaaS applications. By extending the NetScaler footprint from the datacenter into the content delivery network (CDN) points-of-presence (PoPs), the NetScaler CloudConnector for CDN provides.

Advanced Mobile, Web and SaaS Acceleration


Dynamic applications push user requests all the way to the datacenter origin, putting the network link between CDN PoPs and the datacenter on the critical path. NetScaler CloudConnector applies symmetric TCP optimizations, data compression and data de-duplication techniques to mitigate latency between the datacenter and the CDN PoPs and accelerate application response time by up to five times.

End-To-End Data Encryption


For applications where security and privacy are paramount, NetScaler CloudConnector preserves full data encryption between the CDN PoPs and the origin datacenter without interfering with the CDN’s or the CloudConnector for CDN’s, ability to accelerate and optimize traffic.

Data Compression And De-Duplication


The same techniques used to mitigate network latency and accelerate application response time also dramatically reduce the amount of data leaving the datacenter. Using de-duplication and compression, NetScaler CloudConnector cuts bandwidth required between the origin and CDN by up to 95%, even for dynamically-generated content.

Easy Deployment and Management


NetScaler CloudConnector is entirely transparent to the delivered applications and cloud services, SaaS providers and end-users themselves and leverages the existing footprint and familiar management of NetScaler ADC devices. NetScaler presence within the PoPs is provided and managed entirely as a service.