Enterprise sms

Enterprise customers increasingly demand customizable SMS messaging solutions for client communications, marketing campaigns and system monitoring notifications. The cost and operational inefficiency of managing multiple SMS servers becomes a daunting issue as requirements increase across departments

Inspire-Tech Makes SMS Easy – with EasiSMS

Imagine the possibilities of SMS – just the way your business needs it. Imagine an SMS platform in easily built with modular blocks, just like building bricks. Inspire-Tech’s EasiSMS enterprise solution suite is designed in functional modular blocks and SOA architecture to satisfy different messaging processes. EasiSMS-based solutions are proven effective in platforms such as:

  • SMS Gateway
  • System Monitoring
  • Desktop Messaging
  • System Integration

EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server

Central to all the EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Solutions, EasiSMS Messaging Server is the enterprise grade SMS gateway that can consolidate different messaging requirement across multiple departments and locations to a single robust and reliable messaging server allowing better cost management and control.

Designed to be a SMS gateway infrastructure to manage messages between the corporate servers and the mobile operators’ SMSC, it offers various connectivity modes, giving enterprises more delivery options and better assurance of the scalability of the messaging server.

EasiSMS Enterprise Messaging Server’s multi-tiered architecture allows deployment of the core SMS gateway engine, database and the connectors in different network zones to meet security stringent environment requirement like banks and government.

  • Messaging Interface
  • SMPP Connection
  • HTTP
  • GSM Modem
  • Proprietary Virtual GSM

EasiWorkgroup is a secure and user-friendly desktop messaging suite. It provides a central administration to all users using the desktop messaging range of solutions.

The platform manages corporate policies such as automatic “Unsubscribe” handling and broadcast scheduling of messages across all desktop messaging modules, and related incoming SMSes back to the sender.

Different “user interfaces” may be customised to broadcast SMSes based on usage pattern and preference of contacts management.

Designed for the enterprise, EasiWorkgroup can be linked to Active Directory for user authentication, address book retrieval and user permissions. Other user interface options include:

  • Web Messaging
  • Email
  • Microsoft Excel Add-in
  • Microsoft Outlook Add-in
  • Microsoft Communicator Add-in
  • Microsoft Outlook Web Application