Whether users are connecting to one another or applications are delivering information to people automatically, mobile messaging extends reach.

Most enterprises rely on email as their go-to form of communication with employees. However, email does not provide the level of immediacy and responsiveness needed to engage the most effectively with employees. you know the benefits of using SMS to connect more efficiently with people. And you likely are already providing mobile voice and data plans to enterprises. Therefore, you are well-positioned to further engage your enterprise customers by delivering value-added services in addition to the basic services you currently provide. Messaging Service allows you to sell network-based application-to-person (A2P) services to your enterprise customers through
multi-channel SMS notification and location offerings.

With our Enterprise Messaging Service, you can enable sophisticated two-way SMS conversations between enterprises and their employees by leveraging location data for timely, relevant user experiences.

Simplified printing that simplifies your life

  • Print all popular document formats, including Microsoft Office Suite and PDF, without losing your formatting.
  • Choose between an easy-to-use Mobile App or simple email submission.
  • IT managers and administrators no longer need to manage unique drivers for various print devices – print from any mobile device, to any printer, regardless of brand.


  • Raises the bar on printing, giving you just what you need, right when you need it.
  • Whether you’re traveling, at a client’s office or just away from your desk, you can quickly find the most convenient enabled printer.
  • You have total control over the way you deploy your solution – you can manage it yourself or let us take care of everything.


  • Control when each document releases to the printer.
  • Manage allow/block listings to ensure users have the correct access.

Choose the Cloud setup for greater control or opt for an on-site setup that installs behind your firewall. Either way, it frees your staff to focus on more complex issues that drive your core business.