Print Management Solution

Green Printing

Worldwide paper consumption is constantly growing – paper use has reached almost 400 million tons of paper per year. Even the rapid development of modern information transfer technologies and data storage centers cannot hold back ever-growing consumption of paper. Electronic archives, mail and the Internet cannot compete with printed documents being churned out in every company. Environmental stewardship and preservation of natural resources is becoming a priority and a strategic initiative for companies of all sizes and types.

Benefits of Green Printing

Green printing has a lot to offer for the environment and for the savings on printing costs as well. When fully accomplished in an office or even at home, the expenses can be cut by up to 70% or more depending on the strategies applied. When it comes to environmental concerns, green printing can help in conservation and preservation.

YSoft SafeQ delivers comprehensive management and administrative control of all printing, copying and scanning operations. It provides high levels of security for all documents, cost savings, conservation of environmental resources, and greater convenience for users.