Staff outsourcing services

Augmentation means to strengthen, increase, or reinforce. Staff augmentation is just that – strengthening, increasing, or reinforcing your organization’s staff or human capital talent.

Thousands of staffing companies exist – and our staff augmentation services are similar to some of these. A difference is the depth, breadth, and quality of service delivery our independent consultants bring with them. You might call this “RENT-An-EXPERT”.

Onsite is “a Staff Augmentation Solutions for the hiring and managing of IT staff for an organization on limited/unlimited contract.


Staff augmentation is frequently for short term, critical need work. Another common reason for staff augmentation is when there is budget available for additional resources, but there are company limits placed on headcount additions.

ONSITE services include traditional temporary placement of professionals to fill a temporary role, both Onsite & Offshore.

How ONSITE Works…..

ONSITE delivery model is unconstrained by internal politics frequently encountered by the bigger firms. Our pre-established alliance network, and flexible staff-to-the-need business philosophy accelerate client decision-making – providing confidence, cost-containment, and responsiveness.


  • Short-term Team Member
  • Temp-to-hire – Temporary Hiring Solution
  • A Small Strike-force For A Tight-deadline – Group Hire
  • A Low-cost Near-shore Solution – Group Hire But SME-Dubai Premise (Offshore/SME INDIA Is Also Possible)
  • An International, Full-scale Rollout – SME Facility (Near-shore/ Off-shore)