Personalized Virtual Desktops For Less

Businesses of all sizes are looking to leverage the benefits of desktop virtualization. But, even IT organizations with simple requirements face tight resource and budget constraints. Citrix VDI-in-a-Box addresses these needs with a simple yet robust VDI solution designed to be setup and managed by desktop administrators.
VDI-in-a-Box is an easy, affordable, all-in-one desktop virtualization solution that makes the benefits of desktop virtualization available to every business. VDI-in-a-Box provides built-in-high-availability and eliminates over 60 percent of traditional VDI infrastructure- including management servers and shared storage (SANs) – by creating a grid of off-the-shelf servers using local storage. The solution enables WindowsR administrators to rapidly deliver centrally-managed personalized virtual desktop to any user, on any device with the same rich high-definition end-user experience as our enterprise class XenDesktop- all for less than the cost of PCs. With VDI-in-a-Box, you can give your workers the freedom to work from anywhere while instantly lowering costs and improving security.

Empower Desktop It

    • Reduce your PC-refresh budget by deploying virtual desktops instead of more expensive PC replacements. The whole VDI-in-a-Box system eliminates 60 percent of traditional VDI infrastructure and costs less than a PC refresh.
    • Designed for Windows admins, empowering them to handle virtualization details with a single intuitive management console, so you don’t need storage specialists, network administrators, database administrators or virtualization experts.
    • Cut desktop costs by centrally consolidating patching and management. Reduce ongoing PC replacement costs by lengthening the time between PC refresh cycles. Minimize infrastructure investment by scaling incrementally without needing to overprovision for key features like high availability.


Delight Your Users

  • Work anywhere on any device using HDX-enabled Windows PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablet platforms such as Apple, Android, HP and RIM, using the Citrix Receiver.
  • Provide personalized desktops where users can install their own applications and store their configuration, personalization and data.
  • Deliver a high-definition experience with performance and access fine-tuned to match the capabilities of each connection and computing device.
  • Reduce downtime with all the standard automatic features the end-user never sees: built-in high-availability, grid-wide virtual IP address, Active Directory fail-over, and Follow-me desktops, data and apps.