Horizon Air

Simplify and Save with Virtual Desktops and Apps from the Cloud
VMware Horizon Air is a family of cloud services built on vCloud Air. It enables delivery of cloud-hosted or on-premises virtual desktops and apps to any device, anywhere, from a single cloud control plane.

What VMware Horizon Air Delivers

  1. Unified Control Plane
    Horizon Air lets you deliver desktops and apps on-premises and in the cloud from a single cloud control plane.
  2. Ultimate Deployment Flexibility
    You can build the optimal solution for your organization with a broad range of desktop and app deployment options from a single cloud service.
  3. Transformational User Experience
    Blast Extreme, a new protocol built for the mobile cloud, gives end users a better desktop experience across any network, location or device.
  4. Modernized Lifecycle Management
    Horizon Air uses App Volumes to accelerate application delivery and management while reducing IT costs by up to 70%.

VMware Horizon Air Overview :See how VMware Horizon Air supports workplace mobility and helps contain costs.